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Years of experience in both criminal and domestic litigation have provided the knowledge and skill to provide the most effective representation for clients in Rutherford and the surrounding counties. His practice focuses on divorce and family law. He understands that effective representation requires a lawyer to be accessible to clients and responsive to their needs. Thomas H. Bray works closely with clients to explain the law and procedures while developing a legal strategy for their case. Thomas H. Bray believes accessibility and regular communication with clients is crucial to legal representation. A solid understanding of the law and the litigation process is key when your assets, time with your children, or your freedom are on the line.

  Divorce and Family Law

An experienced and knowledgeable Divorce and Family Lawyer can make all the difference in your case. Thomas H. Bray represents clients in both contested and uncontested divorces as well as post-divorce modifications and enforcement of alimony and support. His family law focus includes Adoptions, Paternity Actions, Guardianships, Grandparent’s Rights, and other related issues. Most common are child custody battles, parenting plan modification as well as child support matters. He handles both simple and complex divorces and child custody issues from the trial all the way to the court of appeals.

Contested Divorces are often an emotional roller coaster, and it is critical to have an experienced divorce attorney to guide you through the process. Thomas H. Bray will provide a clear understanding of the process while aggressively protecting your interest and making your voice heard in the courtroom.

Today, many family law issues are settled through mediation. These non-adversarial methods save clients time and money while helping parties involved maintain salvage what may be already strained relationships. Thomas H. Bray can provide clients with support and legal advice during these processes. Negotiations are always ongoing, and settlement out of court is sometimes preferable. Amicable resolutions are common, but all matters need to be addressed, so nothing is left on the table. This may include assets like real estate, retirement benefits and other valuables that have been accumulated during the marriage. Visitation and child support are often the most contested issues, and often there are circumstances that can complicate child your case, such as relocation and allegations of neglect. If an agreed settlement cannot be reached, he’s prepared to take the matter to trial.  When it’s necessary to go to trial and an aggressive approach to litigation is what you can expect. His goal is to ensure that the judge hears your side of the story and zealously represent your interest and the best interests of the children and family.

Criminal Defense

Attorney Thomas H. Bray has experience handling defense cases for both misdemeanor and felony charges in General Sessions Criminal Court, Circuit Criminal Court and the Criminal Division of the Court of Appeals. Preliminary Hearings, Motions to Suppress and other Critical Motions should be considered in every case. Building a Defense is his first priority. He’ll investigate the allegation thoroughly and ensure that law enforcement had probable cause. If it appears that a conviction is likely, he’ll review the advantages and disadvantages in offers to settle by plea agreement from the prosecution.  Years of experience in negotiating with the District Attorney has produced favorable results such as lowering the charge, lessening the sentence, retirement, and dismissals.

Being charged with a crime is a serious situation. Know your defenses.  A knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense attorney to provide you with sound legal advice is an absolute necessity. From DUI to Domestic Assault, Thomas Bray is in the General Sessions and Circuit Criminal Court defending his clients nearly every day of the week. Call to discuss your case today.

Free Consultations

We offer free consultations to evaluate your case. We will discuss the facts of your case and go over your legal rights as well as what you can to do to get the best results out of the situation you are facing. Whether it’s a hotly contested divorce or a DUI, you need to know your options. Let me put my knowledge and experience to work for you. Protect your rights and interests. Make sure your voice is heard. Call or email today for a free consultation.

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