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Experienced and Knowledgable Criminal Defense Attorney

Experience ranging from misdemeanors and felonies to post conviction relief and appeals, attorney Thomas H. Bray focuses on criminal defense in Rutherford, Cannon and the surrounding counties. Years of successfully providing a criminal defense, deep knowledge of criminal law and strong litigation skills are what make Thomas Bray the smart choice for those who have been charged with a crime.

From General Sessions Court to the Court of Appeals

Whether you’re being investigated as a suspect or charged with a crime, Thomas H. Bray will help ensure that you’re rights are provided for. He’ll advise you what to say and what not to say when questioned by law enforcement. This way, you don’t give information that might incriminate yourself. If you are charged, he’ll do a complete investigation of the allegations, including questioning witnesses and a crime scene investigation. This Rutherford County criminal defense attorney will also advise you if it’s in your best interest to take a plea bargain with the prosecutor. Often, a plea bargain will result in a lesser charge and reduced jail time.

When a plea bargain is not advantageous, he’s fully prepared to develop a strong defense strategy on your behalf. In Rutherford, Cannon and the surrounding counties this criminal defense lawyer has a track record of achieving favorable results for his clients. If for any reason, the outcome of the trial isn’t favorable, he’s very knowledgeable in the appeals process and will follow through with filing an appeal.

Post-Conviction Petitions to Further Protect Your Rights

Criminal cases entail a number of procedural stages for charges, convictions and sentence. Typically, the proceedings for post-conviction relief are the last step for raising challenges to the outcome. This is done after all appeals have been exhausted. Those convicted of a crime only have one chance to pursue post-conviction relief. It’s an important safeguard for protecting your constitutional rights and is best handled by an experienced attorney and Thomas H. Bray has the experience to handle these types of proceedings. With a successful petition for post-conviction relief, you may obtain a new trial or appeal, modify the jail sentence or have the conviction vacated. It is critical to have an attorney who is adept at analyzing cases and developing legal arguments for a post-conviction relief.

Being charged and convicted of a crime is a serious matter. Not only may you be innocent, you’re likely to face some hefty fines, the loss of work and possible jail time. If you’ve been charged with a crime, turn to legal help from Thomas H. Bray. He’s committed to obtaining the best outcome on your behalf.

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